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a division of peta that is geared twards teens and is more involved with the music scene they do alot of interveiws and try to spread veg*nism
peta2 rox my socks off
by kay tee! June 12, 2006
Peta2 is almost like Peta(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) but it is mostly for teens. They explain things more easier and they dont use words most teen wouldn't know. But if they did use words like that they could come to this web site!

Peta2 also has alot of fun contests too. Sometimes they have like a Free Stuff Friday thinggy and you could get stuff like flyers and stickers to let people know things like how horrible some people treat animals.
I love Peta2!! =]
by Tommy T. Giraffe January 23, 2009
PeTA2 or peta2 is an animal rights website aimed at teenagers who are impressed by stickers. The age range can be from twelve to twenty-five, but their grammar/spelling is that of a five year-old. The website bans those who question the authority of PeTA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) or question the animal rights movement. Most teens lie on the forums to make their posts noticed, which in turn gives them something called 'street-team points.' These 'points' can be used for 'buying' stickers to vandalize public property. Apparently, everyone on the website has a P.H.D. and says that veganism is healthier instead of checking with your doctor to see if the diet is right for you. However, the members of peta2 complain about how sick they feel since turning vegan. Their idea of resources are biased websites that are linked or created by PeTA.
The following sentence(s) have at least eleven grammar/spelling mistakes which shows the intelligence of those who join the PeTA2 website.

a division of peta that is geared twards teens and is more involved with the music scene they do alot of interveiws and try to spread veg*nism

Example: peta2 rox my socks off
by The Truth of PeTA September 22, 2006
One of the most amazing organizations ever. How is giving out things to raise awareness bad? Street Team members get all kinds of stickers, pamphlets, and even clothes. FOR FREE. They encourage activism whenever possible. They are much less extreme than PETA and are directed more towards teenagers and college-age people. They are amazing. They make me proud to be a "hippie"
Yay! PETA2 sent me more stickers and pamphlets!

PETA2 is so much less extreme than PETA
by That-one-chick April 14, 2009
A division of PETA aimed at younger people who use words like: "Yippe!" And include lots of smiley faces after their sentences.

They are geared towards people who are easily persuaded by stickers, sparklies, and pretty colors.
"Peta2 representative: Don't be mean to animals and eat all your peas! Tee hee :]!"
by Pro-Human June 25, 2009
A website dedicated to spreading the falsehoods of PeTA to impressionable young people. Many of these young people are looking for acceptance, making them more susceptible to their propaganda.

PeTA2 will encourage vandalism by sending them stickers to place on others property.

PeTA2 will also encourage rebellion from the young people with their slogan, "Question Authority." The authority in most youngsters lives first and foremost are their parents. It is a despicable act to interfere in parenting.

Even PeTA's founder, Ingrid Newkirk, admits they lie.
Stickers are sent to PeTA2 members so they can place them in stores and restrooms. They give these knowing those kids are not going to get permission ahead of time to place them. There forums are loaded with refernces from young members who have "stickered" businesses.
by Medium Rare September 22, 2006
A gay website that tries to make you a vegan, against society's meat killers, and giving blame on anybody who did 'wrong'.

I wouldnt feel this way if they were only testifying about animal testing.
-Vegan is a terrible way to live. eating nothing but products not made of animals, id rather be a cannibal.

-We are here to eat food. Meat is a part of the food chain. Cant stop a wolf eating a cute rabbit.

-peta2 wanted the court to give full suspension to Michael Vick for animal cruelty. i understand that, but didnt PETA killed about 14400 within 9 years. The Score is Vick 8 Peta 14400. Who Deserves more Penalty?
by 504xbanana September 08, 2007
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