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An alternate word to use when describing someone as wierd, creepy or a little odd.
"jermaine is well perves"
"why are you being perves today?"
by vickee vanqs. November 16, 2007
9 6
Short for "perfect" in online slang.
Person 1: "Dude, I just saw a guy with a skullet driving an El Camino with three spare tires!"
Person 2: "PERF"
by Cletis October 22, 2003
162 52
Short form of the word "perfect"
- "I'll come by at 8pm for the party"
- "Perf."
by thelinguist September 10, 2007
107 43
shortened version of "perfect" which is mainly used by young girls who enjoy sounding like Valley Girls.
Jillian: Today I made out with Bill and Larry.
Chloe: OMG, that is so perf!
by jillybean36 August 19, 2009
71 31
shorter word for "perfect" when you're too lazy to add the rest of the word
hey katy, your smile is perf!
by mbaKK February 28, 2010
26 13
being as cool as can be
look at James and Lauren. they are so perf
by sineeeeed November 02, 2012
22 13
Short for "perfect"
"Let's have lunch at Chipotle tomorrow."

by Jenn February 26, 2003
21 12
(purf). Vulgar.

1.a flatus expelled through the anus whilst on one's period. irritating or foolish person covered in blood

-verb: expel a flatus through the anus during the menstrual cycle (break blood). Can be disgustingly audible like slapping a raw porterhouse steak against a slab of concrete. waste time during the menstrual cycle usually by hibernating or binging.
The other day while me and Becky were at the Wahl-mart, Becky had the most epic perf we had to leave the store because they banned us, and I was like say wha?

That faggle is being such a perf!

Rhonda perfed the other day in line at the McDonalds poor girl... everyone knows you shouldn't wear white after Labor Day.

I was perfing around the pantry the other day and wore myself out so I decided to take a three-day nap.
by whopigsoey January 11, 2011
84 79