Iran(former Persia) is a country located in the middle-east. However, it's not an ARAB country and the people speak persian(farsi) NOT arabic. They are well known for being rich, educated, and good looking. They are also famous for their cats and hand-made rugs.
person 1: Damn, that guy over there is so HOT!
person 2: I know! He must be persian eh...

I like DOOGH and not beer;
I like brunettes and not blondes;
I like soccer and not hockey;
Because I'm Persian!
by PeRsiaN pRinCesS April 25, 2004
Persians aren't just from Iran. There are people with Persian ancestory in a lot of countries, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bahrain, Kenya, Iraq, India, Kuwait, UAE, Turkey, Armenia, Egypt, Azerbaijan and many many more. This is due to the fact that the Persian Empire was so huge, it literally crossed over almost the entire Middle East today, including parts of Africa and India. The descendants of Persians still live in all of these places.
Persians live throughout Asia and Africa.
by 01Sabah March 14, 2006
(AKA IRANIAN) Is not an ARAB country, in fact many older Iranians dislike Arabs... a lot. Quick facts about iranians! 1. Gorgeous women who love brand names and German cars. 2. Hairy men, very hairy men; who love to buy German cars. 3. Persian women are VERY fiesty, they'll threaten to kick you butt if you piss them off but when your friends with a Persian its heaven. 4) Does not like movie 300, we alwasy say its over dramatized (because it is.) 5. Very gossipy women. 6. Crazy sex drive and appeal. 7. Obnoxiously smart, very good at what they do. 8. Tend to have best jobs (laywers, docters, engineers scientists.) 9. Very cocky but modest people. 10. Always late for everything, never expect us to be on time! 11. Some of the best food. Ever.
Yeah bud he must have been Persian!
by AlistPersian September 18, 2010
People who hail from Iran, true descendants of the Aryan race (so Hitler was kinda misinformed when he though blonde hair and blue eyes meant Aryan). Once an enourmous empire covering most of the middle east, eastern africa, India, and a good chunk of China. Persians are NOT Arabs, and calling a Persian person an Arab - even by mistake - is a very regrettable thing to do...

Persians are often of olive or dark brown complextion, but some can be on the fair-skinned side too. Most of either have dark brown or black hair, often wavy. Curly hair is very prized among Persian society. Eyes are usually a light brown or green. In some regions of Iran, the people are known for their incredibly long eyelashes (even on the men). Coincedentaly these are the same people who have the aforementioned fairer-skin. A common stereotype is of Persians being incredibly hairy, and while this has truth to it, it is a bit exaggerated among media portayal.

During the cultural revolution in the 1970s and 80s, many Persians immigrated out of Iran. Most often they would have to be refugees in Pakistan, Afghanistan, or Turkey, until they were given a good oppurtunity to reach the western world. Today there are large Persian communities in Vancouver B.C., Los Angeles, Sydney, London, Seattle, Boston, San Diego, and New York. Persians outside of Iran are often of higher-class and live in nice neighborhoods. Many Persians have high-paying jobs such as Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, and Investment Banking.

Soccer, Wrestling, and Martial Arts such as Taekwon-do and Wushu are very popular sports among Persians. The food of Iran is often based around rice, beef, and vegetables, and is known for its delightful aroma and flavor. In the past, girls were often trained to cook, clean, and be housewives. These days equality among men and women is commonplace and women work just as much as men do.

Persians outside of Iran have a high-rate of interracial marriage, most likely due to a simple lack of other Persians to marry in the first place. Statistically, there is a high rate of marriage among Persians with Japanese and Latinos. Persian/White marriages are also common. The men seem to be more likely to marry a non-persian than the women.

Though their government's integrity is questionable, the Persian people have a rich culture and history.
by yummiu_yummiu March 18, 2007
Over achievers. Originating from Iran and only Iran. Generally associated with wealth. Highly intelligent, disproportionately affluent and educated as a percentage of all ethnicities including Caucasian. Disproportionately residing in the most desirable and affluent regions in the U.S and Canada. Although Beverly hills consists of over 1/4 Persians, West Vancouver in Canada, with an average house price of 2.6 million consists of over 28% Persians. Encountering jealousy and envy on a daily basis.
Those rich asshole Persians bought the mansion next door. I saw some rich asshole Persian kid driving a Phantom down the street the other day. A 27 year old Persian physicist was awarded full proffesorship at Harvard,MIT,Oxford,UOFT,Stanford ect ect.

( Check the facts they don't lie)
by I'm not that type of girl!! May 23, 2009
Alright first off, I come from the city of Hamadan in Iran. I speak the Persian language (Farsi). That does not make me a Persian. Persians are a sub-species of the Indo-Iranian Aryan tribes who migrated from South Russia and Central Asia to parts of Iran, Afghanistan and India. There were people already living in Iran like the Elamites. Some Iranian tribes settled in the South of Iran. Some of these tribes were known as the Persians. Some tribes settled in the North. Some of these tribes were known as the Medes. Persia conquered the Median Empire. Then they conquered a huge amount of land. This empire was known as the Persian Empire. I am dam proud of coming from such a Culture rich country as Iran. Just cause I come from Iran dosen't make me a Persian. I have most likely Persian blood in me, and Medean as well, Kurdish, Elami blood and many others. Most people in Iran are descended from all the Aryan (Iranian) tribes who settled in Iran.

In Iran, the people there are generally nice, hospitallous and smart. They have not lost their ways. They still keep their country's culture close to them and have not forgotten stories of the Shahnameh. In America (or other countries where Iranians generally immigrate) the Iranians there refer to themselves as 'Persian' though they have no meaning of what it is. They are mostly hospitallous, but the young Iranians there have lost their ways and are sliding into American culture and are creating a stereotype for themselves there. They will not remember the story of Arash the Archer if we said it to them! So lost are they. Instead of being wise and kind like most Iranians, they affiliate themselves with gangbangers and hookers and the like. The women also dye their blonde, hiding their natural dark hair. I am not saying that all Iranian Immigrants are like this. It's just some Individuals.
Man1: Dorood bar shoma dostam. Halee shoma khobe?
Translantion: Hello friend. How are you?
Man2: Khobam Moshakaram.
Translation: Im good thanks.
Man1: Dari az chi fekhr mikonad?
Translation: What are you thinking of?
Man2: Daram az ghese-e-Arash e Kamangir fekr mikonad. Che ghese!
Translation: I am thinking of the tale of Arash the Archer. What a tale!
Man1: Vakhan.
Translation: Indeed.

Iranian-American: Hello Farhad! Chetoori brother?
Translation: Hello Farhad! How are you brother?
Farhad: Dorood Bar Shoma. Man khoshalam, mochakeram Vahid.
Translation: Good day to you. I am happy, thank you Vahid.
Vahid: Chera to happy hasti?
Translation: Why are you happy?
Farhad: Chon ke man ghese ye Fereydun o shenidam.
Translation: Because I have heard the story of Fereydun.
Vahid: Fereydun kodom foole dige?
Translation: Which fool is Fereydun?
Farhad: Fereydun yegdone Irani gavi bod.
Translation: Fereydun was a great Iranian hero.
Vahid: Huh?
Farhad: Badbakhd. Hichi az Pars ke nemidoni ama be khodet migi Parsi?

Translation: Poor fellow. You know nothing about Persia, yet you call yourself a Persian?
Vahid: Huh?
by Dorood Bar Shoma July 06, 2006
to go to the city and smoke hookah
I am a persian because i go to the city and smoke hookah
by LALA December 19, 2004

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