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The eyelid is full and the eyes are prominent, beautiful, gorgeous, rare and exotic. The eyes are big and usually brown. Some may be hazel persian eyes. The most beautiful eyes found in the Middle East and West Asia.
Look at that girl she has persian eyes oooh! So gorgeous!
by Elisa Altamira November 05, 2007
eyes which are dark brown or brown, but never any lighter than that (because no brown persians have blue or green eyes.. or any white person eye-colour)

the eyes are also usually horrifyingly large which gives the person a look of being permanently surprised or outraged!

the eyes are usually complimented by a beautiful monobrow (unibrow).
white guy: what happened ackhbara, you look outraged!

persian girl: noo, i just have persian eyes.

white guy: ohhh, lol, didn't know. love your unibrow! it's sexxxyyy, lols..
by maktar23 January 13, 2011

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