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someone who has sex with more than one person, someone who cheats on their spouse, a player.
Bob isn't liked by many women because he is so permiscuous.

The song Permiscous girl is hinting that Nelly Furtado gets around a lot, as does Timbaland.
by Aligheri October 15, 2006
Misspelt version of "promiscuous".
I'm illiterate and partially deaf so can't tell the difference between "permiscuous" and "promiscuous".
by odbx March 26, 2007
A word that people thinks means sleeping around a lot but is actually spelled promiscuous, dumbasses.
I don't think anything could be permiscuous because that isn't a word.
by Skip Petty February 11, 2008
someone (usually a female) that sleeps around alot.
"i cought my girlfriend giving head to my brother, what can be done with my permiscuous girlfriend?"
by melanie, bitches June 04, 2005