someone who has sex with more than one person, someone who cheats on their spouse, a player.
Bob isn't liked by many women because he is so permiscuous.

The song Permiscous girl is hinting that Nelly Furtado gets around a lot, as does Timbaland.
by Aligheri October 15, 2006
Top Definition
Misspelt version of "promiscuous".
I'm illiterate and partially deaf so can't tell the difference between "permiscuous" and "promiscuous".
by odbx March 26, 2007
A word that people thinks means sleeping around a lot but is actually spelled promiscuous, dumbasses.
I don't think anything could be permiscuous because that isn't a word.
by Skip Petty February 11, 2008
someone (usually a female) that sleeps around alot.
"i cought my girlfriend giving head to my brother, what can be done with my permiscuous girlfriend?"
by melanie, bitches June 04, 2005
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