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A mouth of a person (usually older) which is frowning in its relaxed state.
I can't talk to him! His permafrown just takes all the joy out of my day.
by Firrox December 20, 2008
(Noun) The ever-present downward movement of the muscles around the mouth into an unpleasant looking frown. This will usually makes someone's face permanently unhappy looking and uncomfortable to be around. Normally, someone with a perm-a-frown finds it difficult to smile like a normal person, because they do not have the muscular strength to do so. If they do manage to smile, it looks unusually strange. Causes early wrinkling and sagging of the face and neck muscles and skin.
That bitch has the worst perm-a-frown I have ever seen.
by lil'f March 03, 2011
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