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Where you smoke so much weed, you feel, even when youre not stoned, a feeling of physical and mental exhaustion.
Ive smoked Ambrosia 2 weeks straight, and im waking up everyday permafried.
by mitch connor II September 09, 2011
Being stoned so often that your mental state is permanently altered.
The Red Hot Chili Peppers are probably permafried by now.
by Salieri_82 May 27, 2006
Permanently-Fried. When you do so much acid you never come down completely and are never the same. Does NOT mean flash-backs, that's different.
He did way too much acid a few years ago and he's been permafried ever since.
by rubicante June 13, 2003
to be permanently effected by drugs, even after not taking them for a while.
i don't think weed or acid permafry people, but cocaine will change someone for life.
by minghi May 21, 2003
v 1. to appear as if on drugs, even though one is sober.
"Wow that Mark Fry kid is perma-fried."
by MF September 05, 2002
To have taken so many drugs your brain is irreversably fried
John Saunders went way too hard for way too long but hasnt touched drugs in 10 years. Even after such a long period of sobriety he shows signs of serious brain damage and as such is permafried
by rocketdogz September 20, 2010
which the user of the drug (mainly LSD) feels some effects of the drug (example; sever memory loss) for a vary long time after use of the drug year possibly longer ( the conduction will get better over time but user may never feel quite the same)
To have done so many drugs, that one would expect you to be affected by drugs 24/7, even though you might not be, but you probably are.
James: Alex are you high?
Alex: Dude i dont even know i have done it like four times today already.
James: you must be perma-fried
by Free Weezy June 07, 2010