One who will remain a virgin for life, due to greasy hair, plain black shoes and a drinking problem.
That Robert guy over there is sure a real perma-virgin.
by Bob February 11, 2003
Top Definition
A person who, for various reasons, is likely to remain a virgin his entire life.
"Did you see those guys playing Dungeons and Dragons at Jason's house? Christ, what a bunch of perma-virgins."
by Aaron Rowe - September 30, 2002
1. Someone who is unlikely ever to lose their virginity.
2. A person who's appearance or demeanour makes them sexually and socially unappealing.

Se: Nerd, Young Republicans, Dungeons and Dragons
He had a cell phone that looked like a star trek communicator - what a freakin' permavirgin...
by James Howard February 02, 2004
One who for any reason will remain a virgin for their lifetime. Usually is also a nerd or geek and would rather catch up on the latest episode of Doctor Who than get their dick sucked.

Their primary habitat is in the basement of their parents. A permavirgin's diet consists of Hot Pockets, TV Dinners, and Pot Pies. They will drink Mountain Dew and occasionally Red Bull. They are entertained by hour after hour of Star Trek and Doctor Who, and games of Halo and World of Warcraft. Their anatomy gives them a face full of acne and extremely large bladders so that they can sit through hours of Video Games and TV.
Woman: Dear God! What is that horrible beast over there playing World of Warcraft?
Mother: Oh! Thats my little boy, James. He really is having a good time talking to his friends online.
Woman: Please!, Kill it before it breeds!
Guy: I don't think you'll have to worry about that. It sure looks like a permavirgin.
by nerd-killer May 08, 2013
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