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A noob who will always be a noob, no matter how much time passes.
See Secret Azure.
"Wow, he's such a perma-noob. Nothing can ever change that."
by anonymous June 29, 2005
Someone who is a noob, only unlike a regular noob, they have absolutely no chance of becoming anything more. They are permanently a noob. Permanoob status can result from a long line of noobly mistakes, or one mistake so huge a person can never live it down.
Did you hear jacie locked her keys in the car on that trip and her spare keys were hundreds of miles away?!?
YA! she is a total permanoob!

Dude! I can not beat this level no matter what I do!
Sounds about right permanoob, let a pro take over.
by DB_KG March 26, 2010
someone who is a noob at something but thinks that they are great, even though they have no chance of passing a level 8. (usually a real shit-talker) (prone to get angry when he loses i.e. always angry)
(permenant noob status)
see also
Arthur is such a permanoob.
by GRIFF December 01, 2004

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