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1. a group of persons / single person who has a background from iran, or is persian, in addition to being jewish in religon.
perjewsian is a person/persons that are both persian and jewish. the word perjewsian comes from the words persian and jewish, and has both the word persian and jew in it.
2. a persian jew
3. perjewsian discount : discounts only perjewsians can get, and know how to pull off.
-you will not find this word in the dictionary since this word had been made up of from the JewHaud.
jewhaud member #1: damm thisss phone is expensive..
jewhaud member #2: dont worry im a perjewsian
jewhaud member #1: hook it up with a perjewsian discount!
by Maziar JewHaud June 14, 2007
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