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The frequent diarrhea that accompanies menstruation for many women. Prostaglandins are released during menstruation causing the uterus to contract and cause cramping. They also speed up the contraction of the intestines, hence large amounts of crampy, watery stool. Very similar to the hershey squirts, though period shits occur only during menstruation.
I thought I was in labor, but then I realized it was that time of the month so I went to the bathroom and had period shits.
by cjbj August 31, 2009
The dump a female takes not because she actually has to but because her period makes her need to. This is due to the hormones that signal the release of the lining of the uterus also signalling the gastro system, making the bowels move more.
Jake: "Why did you take so long to get here?! I was waiting forever!"

Tina: "Sorry but I had to take a period shit."

*awkward silence ensues*

Tina: "That's right. You're not getting any tonight."
by XenXen June 17, 2010

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