A person who has no flaws whatsoever and all you see is good within them. They are beautiful , cute , funny and adorable and you never want to stop talking to her. You cannot imagine you're life without this person and you cherish every moment you spend with them.
An example of a perfect person is Kelsie Geddings
by Cammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy December 21, 2012
See plastics
A perfect is like an uber-plastic. They think they are the most popular people ever. All the plastics aspire to be, and are medicore copies of the perfects. They are slutty bitches and generally only pretend to be nice.
Plastic 1: Omgz!!!!111!!1 *bows down* I love you hair!
Perfect 1: Thankuu, u may rise.
Perfect 2: Now go fetch me a drink *bitches to other perfects about annoying little kidz*
by Mentalists October 29, 2008
a girl that it's just really amazing, loved by natan
"amy is perfect."
by nnunn September 14, 2008
1.) A person, place, creature, object, or idea that shows only positive qualities; to be flawless; without negatives.

2.) To have very few faults.

3.) The ideal being of a race.

4.) S.P.
Jinkees, just look at this PERFECT website!
by Garreth May 19, 2006
Someone who is so unutterably awsome that no other word can fully express thier total awsomeness.
see ted
Ted is so completly perfect!
by Christeleena November 30, 2005
Someone perfect is who can make you happy all the time no matter what the situation is. Perfect has more meaning to it than just looking flawless. It's what's on the inside and who they are as a person. Perfect is someone who always looks at the brighter side of things.
(Perfect) He is perfect for me.
by Bratty2499 July 08, 2013
Someone who has few or no flaws
My best friend Julia is perfect, Jennifer Lawrence
by Judy Pickollo July 02, 2013

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