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when you take a dump and when you go to wipe there is nothing to wipe, your ass is clean
"I eat tacos all and i still had a perfect poo"

"Your the lucky one when you have a perfect poo"
by 4 Points October 17, 2009
A Perfect Poo, otherwise known as the Perfect Game of pooing is the result of a number of factors.

Confidence Poo + Ghost Poo = Perfect Poo.

The situation chronologically would work as follows: Person sits on toilet to take a dump.
When bowel movement complete the person is confident that they dont need to wipe at all. Person then stands up, pulls pants up (thus completing a Confidence Poo) and observes the bowl only to see no trace of the poo whatsoever (thus completing a Ghost Poo)

This remarkable feat is only rumoured to have occured and no primary sources tell of its tale.
Man I was so sure I'd done the Perfect Poo, but when I looked in the bowl I saw there were some big skid marks.
by qwerty29 March 02, 2014
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