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(Adjective) A "wipe-less" poo that you are confident needs no wiping. The kind of poo that does not cause any mess or distress of the anal sphincter.
Just had a confidence poo, saved some money on toilet paper there.
by Wheres_my_wig March 04, 2011
A near perfect game in the toilet arena. A confidence poo is where one is so confident that the poo they have just created does not even need a single wipe with toilet paper that one simply stands up and pulls their pants back on.
a: "Man that was a quick toilet trip, I thought you said you went number 2?"
b: "Yeah, of late i've had great consistency and so I was certain I didnt have to wipe. I just pulled my pants up and walked right out of there"
a: "Oh wow was that your first confidence poo?"
by qwerty29 March 02, 2014
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