A show that people are ashamed to admit they love.
Perfect hair forever stars a talking hotdog, and a tree that has sex with dogs.

Whatsup with that :D?
by The Dalian December 12, 2005
Top Definition
a cartoon created by williams street, the makers of adult swim. it's about a boy named gerald who has really bad hair. he goes to his mentor, uncle grandfather, for help, and he tells gerald that he must "attain a level that will bring you large gifts of un-balding ways." it was aired in the place of squidbillies, a show about hillbilly squids. afterwards, a panel discussion is held by space ghost, with meatwad from aqua teen hunger force, sharko from sealab 2021, and early kyler from squidbillies on the panel. hilarity ensues.

perfect hair forever will become a series on adult swim in summer of 2005.
"the other students laugh at me. they call me...Retarded Hair Guy." -gerald
by d-shadow January 19, 2005
A totally fucking badass adult swim that stupid fuckers bitch about. It's also followed up by a kickass space ghost interview.
"InuYashaXKagome707 says that Perfect Hair Forever sucks, so we should watch it."
by Soup December 20, 2004
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