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The annoying individual who claims to be interested or expert in almost any topic that anybody else in a group refers to as cool, often to the extent that their involvement in so many activities and interests, or in a more oscure pursuit or fetish, may seem dubious.
"Hangliding looks cool" eliciting the response "Oh, I LOVE to hanglide, I'm an experienced hangliderist!"


"I have a friend who is into CBT" followed by "Ooo, CBT is the coolest - I do it all the time!" leading the original speaker to ask the perceived coolness whore to define CBT in semi-polite company.

At their worst, a perceived coolness whore might stumble, late, into a conversation about female contraceptives or male pattern baldness and, upon hearing a prescription drug name, will claim to have once done lines of the afore-mentioned drug off the back of a hooker at a Hollywood party.
by Anthony Sheppard July 31, 2006