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Slang for the perscription drugs Percocet or Percodan, which is an opiate or painkiller, commonly used recreationally for its euphoric effect.
Ironically, Percocet is an opiate, which is a nervous system depressant, and the slang term perc cannot be verbally distinguished from perk, which means to make more alert or active.
I just popped a couple percs my doctor gave me for my back pain.

His dealer said percs were going for $1.50 a pill.
by A Clockwork Orange October 24, 2006
93 41
Street name for the prescription painkiller Percocet. Generically known as Oxycodone.
Man, I love the way those percs fuck me up. I just took five more tablets.
by Brandon B. October 01, 2003
228 50
short for "percolator" (I could be spelling that wrong). A perc is an additional chamber in a bong, and its purpose is to make the hit more smooth. Bongs can have multiple percs.
Jimmy-Jimmy just bought a rare discontinued triple-perc RooR bong over at his local headshop for $400. It fucking rips.
by Spaceman Spliff June 09, 2007
233 125
short for the narcotic perscription drug percoset or any one of its forms such as oxycodone or oxycontin; makes you feel warm, happy, and relaxed. highly addictive, people not only swallow the pill but take it orally crushed (for a faster reaction) or snort it.
I'm percin', dude, I'm feeling no pain.
by Xeokym December 30, 2004
145 71
Vocal percussion (beatboxing) in an a cappella group
That guy's perc is so good!

Who percs for the Pentatonix?
by acappellagurl November 17, 2013
0 3
Allsome, extraordinary, amazing, cool, priceless
When FewnwayKing was told that Emma Watson admired his allsome white hoodie, he exclaimed: "Yo!! Emma loves me! This is totalllly percs!"
by michland November 08, 2011
34 43