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Scottish slang originated in Ayrshire.

Short for "superb" or more accurately "soooperb" (has to be said with an accent)

Variations can include perbola, perbingo, perbalicious, perbation, perbatronic, perborama etc.
"I was at a gig last night, it was sheer perb."

"I just wasted 2 hours of my life watching a shite film, this is not perb."
by Sintonic December 12, 2011
1)to be high off dat drank, on som dro or som of dat light green,2) to be really messed up on a drug.
yo pimpin mane i jus got done blazen out 3 bluntz of som of dat dank. i'm so perb.......
by GrandReapa August 20, 2003
A discussion board where male chauvinist pigs get together and talk about women like they were a piece of meat or a merchandise.
I can't get laid, I stink, I have bad breath, but I go to Perb and pretend I am somebody and write ugly things about women I have never seen.
by notsoimportant January 22, 2007
1)someone who is so f-ed up in general on random crap
2)a guy who is stupid and gulibble and will believe anythign cuz they are so f-ed up
dude look at min hes such a perb that he doesnt even know it
by preggy April 22, 2006
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