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It is the equivalent of maybe, perhaps and mayhaps to express the possibility of an event occurring. It is the combination of per from perhaps and be from maybe. While lesser known, it still connotes the same sentiment, though is far superior to the others.
Person 1: Perbe he is a pervert.
Person 2: Yes. Perbe indeed.

Person 1: Dost thou thinkest this is the right solution.
Person 2: Yes, I do quite agree.
Person 3: Hmm. It is a bit questionable. It is a perbe for me.
Person 1: Say what? Perbe?

Person 3: Yes, you heard me. Perbe!
Person 1: I nevah heard that before. Come again?
Person 3: Well, it's because you are not held in high and esteemed academic circles, which makes your solution... perbier still!
by Pooperscoopersmith January 08, 2010
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