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it is a term basically saying you can and or should be able to fit a pepsi can in your mouth
Boy: Hey Whats your name?
Girl: Susie.
Boy: It should be Pepsi can.
by milk&pbj January 05, 2009

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Mexicans who work for Pepsico. Most often they reside in Chapultepec & have a street address Avenida las Palmas 735.
Require the use of a translator and either call in from the factory, or from a pay phone. They are generally considered very nice.
When the Pepsican called with 2 minutes before lunch, Matt knew that he would stay hungry for a while longer.
by Themattnthehatt May 03, 2007
some one with a real thick dick.
wow did u see yonathans pepsi can?! sheeeeeeiiiiit....
by yushun August 04, 2011
A penis which has an unusually large diameter, though it is not necessarily wider than it is long
Girl 1: I heard that Ralphie has a choad
Girl 2: No, its more like a Pepsi Can
by LD100% February 17, 2010