A man who does man things. Drinks, smokes, controls the room, buys the bar, steals your girlfriend and just overall wins in life.
That guy has the best life! "Yea of course... He's a Pepper".

Do you trust him? "Yea he's a pepper"
by DirtyWatta December 28, 2014
A term used to describe a very annoying teammate, friend, co-worker, ect.
"Gosh, that freakin pepper is anoying!"
by berg404 October 07, 2011

the act of performing oral sex while using both hand as if you were putting pepper on a salad.

also, to stroke someone's ego rather excessively.
She got intense with it in bed last night, she even peppered me.

Guy 1: Man did you see that Dunk by LeBron?

Guy2: Yea it was cool.
Guy1: just cool?! Did you the way he took off, then the landing. The whole play was flawless. He's such a phenomenal player.
Guy2: So just gon pepper LeBron while I'm standing here?
by ThaPrinceofZumunda October 18, 2011
shriveled green or red penis usually choad
The guy said to girl, "Before we can go further in this relationship, I must tell you I have Pepper."

Justin Bieber has pepper.
by BRi GK ALL DAY April 11, 2010
Pepper is the awesomely cool girlfriend of Salt]. She is beautiful, energetic, and full of spunk. But don't get her angry. She'll flame you faster than a nazi at a book burning. D:
Pepper's beauty and grace was surpassed by no other woman. :)
by Labtech X March 14, 2005
1. A seasoning.
2. What you have if you _VERY_ lucky on your meat.
1. Pepper and salt.
2. Id like some Pepper.
by louis October 17, 2001
another work for dick, a pepper can resemble the size and shape of one erect johnson
ie. *Collins little brother, dorian, is watching t.v when a sweet porno comes on, hes soo mezmorized from all the porn action going on, his pepper grows 3 times in size. (inspired by the hit youtube clip, The Tale of Dorians Pepper.)
by sweatyfartpys June 28, 2011

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