Slang term for female genitalia. Its usage can only be found in the Hamilton area, Canada. Origins unknown.
You can lick my piau for all I care.
by Anonymous March 17, 2003
Top Definition
Used as onomatopoeia to discribe the motion of sexual intercourse. Or to say you would like to have sex with someone. Usually used in conjunction with a thrusting motion of the pelvis. Most commonly used in New Zealand after featuring on a local cartoon series.
"I took her home for a little 'peow peow.'
by Scotty February 11, 2005
A word that can be used as an ice breaker to any conversation. Also, "peow" can be also used as a reaction to ones remark. One might also say "peow" when being defeated or defeating an opponent.
Carlos: Jim, I know you dig the sexy mullets.


by Keerun November 09, 2006
The female discription of making a "sissy" gun noise.
Guy's discription: gadagadagada! Girls discription: peow peow peow!
by Champagne December 06, 2003
The state of being attractive or in reference to an attractive person
That girl is peowwww man, ya see?
by Buglez July 13, 2004
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