Such an enormous penis that, once making eye contact with, is contiuously stared at and exclamed about, even after eye contact has been interrupted.
Lisa: "He dropped his pants as soon as we walked through the door..."
Lola: "Well... was it big?"
Lisa: "No, it was more than big. It was penormous!"
by Nick and Steph December 02, 2007
When the size of a guy's penis is too big to explain or put into words.
1)Dude, Shaq's cock is penormous!.

2)Girl #1: 'I don't even wanna know how big The Jolly Green Giant's dick is!'

Girl #2: 'I bet it's penormous'

3) Girl talking to her boyfriend: 'Omg baby you're penormous down there!'
by TexanGurl4Ever1994 January 29, 2012
A word used to describe the size of a penis, most often one of great size and girth.
The school was stunned when Jack's pants fell and revealed a penis beyond big. He called it, 'Penormous.'
by Nick and Steph July 13, 2007

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