Sticking pennies between a door and a frame in order to render the doorknob useless, thus trapping someone in their room. Accomplished by pushing the door inward and stacking pennies as deep as possible until the door is held completely in place by the pennies.
Man, pennying that guy in his room was fun... Sucks getting written up by the RA though.
by Xioustic August 26, 2006
A curious game which involves 'pennying' people. What's that you ask?'s a method of getting a lot of people drunk very quickly.
"I got pennyed 12 times...8 times before food."
by Darling November 05, 2004
To place a single or multiple copper coin in various absurd locations that one would not expect a penny to be in.

Placing pennys along the top of signs or glueing them to others property. This originated mostly because I had a lot of these somewhat "useless" coin and a lot of boredom to waste them on.
Guy 1: Dude, I totally just put pennys all over Becky's house.

Guy 2: You hoolagan, and your pennying.
by Sinomacoma December 19, 2012
The art of inserting a penny into a womans vagina by means of fingering her.
Richie was pennying Julie last nite, bad. I think she has enough for taco fries and a can of coke after it.
by costadelagort April 26, 2011
A Kent University (England) Drama Student phrase: to go to the Penny pub.
1: You pennying tonight?

2: Yup, I'll be there
by KentDrama November 04, 2010
The art of posting on an internet discussion forum under an alternate, dominatrix identity, then landing in the shit when it all gets out of hand..
Hi, my names Penny, and I'm like, sooo cool and ting.
by Dr Sigmund Bankfraud March 24, 2005

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