place people who think a dinosaur will allow them to become the powerhouse in ncaa football they think they were. sadly they fail miserably to the buckeyes, michigan and were skullfucked by usc in the rose bowl. they try to be a big football school by cramming a field full of complete idiots to say they boast the largest capacity football stadium, while if they added seats they wouldn't even make it to 100.000. also the hot girls here are actually nerds, trannies, and fugly lesbian dikes. the only hot girls are the one's joe pa pays to fuck his delinquent football players so they don't leave to play for a REAL coach and team. so if you love mediocrity, crack whores, and dinosaurs go to penn state
Sally: I heard all the girls at Penn State are hotter than most cheerleaders, I might not be able to compete.

Bob: I heard all the cheerleaders at penn state are crack whores and skanks.

Bill: Sally you fit right in, and there is always a viagra drip for joe pa if none of the 3in dick sized future child molesters will fuck you.
by one4the$ August 23, 2009
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The greatest college ever!
Best parties, hottest girls, school spirit. What else could you ask for?
We are... Penn State
by Go Lions! September 28, 2004
Located in Happy Valley, this small town has a big campus. The students are more than half the population when school is in session and the town is the third largest in PA when it is a football weekend. Don't forget to stop by the creamery, Lion Shrine and say hey to Joe Pa who walks campus every day. We can study, party and drink with the best of them, we just know how to do them all without overloading.

"We cannot rank Penn State University against other schools in the party category because we feel it is unfair to rank professionals against amateurs" -Playboy

"We cannot rank Penn State University against other schools in the party category because we feel it is unfair to rank professionals against amateurs" -Playboy
by TAC April 12, 2005
To take advantage of, sexually, and to have it go unreported afterwards
I totally penn stated that girl last week.
by bsbro.3569 November 23, 2011
A college in Pennsylvania where Jerry Sandusky, a former Defense Coach for Penn State Football and long time kid fucker with multiple victims, was allowed to wonder aimlessly around campus and without punishment, shame by his working peers or report to the police of any kind regarding his pedophilia fiendish ways, even after being sited first hand in a shower naked behind a ten year old boy.
Penn State, openly supporting child fucking since 1997.
by pedophilia, kid fucking, shota November 09, 2011
It's the condition after one has been Sanduskied
The boy was in a Penn State for the rest of his life, after being sanduskied.
by DaytonaDude November 29, 2011
School spirit. Good education system. Elite school. Great atheletics. What more can you say.
Half of the stadium: WE ARE!!!
Other half of the stadium: PENN STATE!!!
by BigBo June 25, 2005
The school with the most school pride, in good times and bad; the best local ice cream (both the Creamery and Cold Stone); the biggest and baddest party school on earth; one of the TOP universities in the country (look it up); best fucking school on the planet.
We Are... Penn State

When I say JOE, you say PA.
by Tweeder McFeedles March 07, 2005
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