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Where one man brushes another man/women's teeth, with his penis, using his splooge(cum) as toothpaste
Person 1: "oh no, I've forgotten my toothpaste!"
Person 2: "don't worry, we will just use penispaste! I hope you don't have braces!"
by Glby January 16, 2014
Organic Fluid also known as "Semen"
I busted my penis paste all in her face!!
by nccountryboy August 10, 2010
When toothpaste comes out of your penis and you use it to brush your teeth/ham
yo man try this penispaste, it makes your breath smell just like penis
by ham hole December 04, 2010
To put toothpaste on your penis then brush a females teeth with it
My mouth is now minty fresh after using Penis Paste
by Tristosterone June 22, 2010
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