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Someone who talks like they have a penis permanently stuck in their nose.
Man #1: "Hey Lauren, what's up?"
Penis nose: "Hey, nothing much, huhuhuhuhuh"
by E-real May 13, 2008
A person who has the nose of a penis, shaped like a penis, and whos snot looks like cum
Squidward, you have a BIG ASS PENIS NOSE
by Zipzerboy December 07, 2010
when someone or something has a nose that is shaped like a penis therfore becoming a penisnose and when they sneeze its cum and when there blowing there nose they really are masturbating.
michael says "hey everybody look at joey he has a penisnose!" crowd"lololololololololol"
by xAlienMaster21x June 17, 2008
An rare trait that few are cursed with. It occurs when gypsies and unicorns mate and the outcome is a semi-normal looking child except for the fact that their nose looks like a penis. Oh, and they have GIANT foreheads.
Maddie has the biggest penisnose you eva seen!
by hungryhungrytiger;) August 29, 2011
someones nose that is shaped like a penis.
aka joey avila
hey look dude joey has a "penis nose"
by alfredo gonzalez August 23, 2008
Long round nose. Useful for stimulation suring oral sex.
The ladies tell me that Shaggy has the perfect penisnose.
by NOSMisAwesome March 29, 2006
Someone with a nose that looks like a penis
"oi look, that guy got a penis nose"
by JOHN XX March 25, 2006

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