Someone who only wants you for your penis. They drain your penis of all it's got and still aren't satisfied.
My ex-girlfriend the nympho was such a *penismonger*
by Lisa March 13, 2003
Top Definition
A male prostitute.

Etymology - Penis (the male reproductive organ) monger (one who sells something)

The literal definition is "one who sells penis"
When my mom died, my dad became a penis monger.
by DaMathBoy November 01, 2006
One who trades in male reproductive organs
"Fresh penises! Get your fresh penises here!" yelled the penismonger through the din of the market
by RabidWombat June 01, 2004
a person who wants to have sex with a penis, or a gay person, or a person acting gay.
Staw away from that penis monger!
by Evan Macias June 10, 2005
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