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affectionate slang for anyone who doesn't bow down before MY wonder cock.
bow down before me you penis wrinkle
by Lone Star October 16, 2006
a way to insult someone to the lowest degree
Shut up you damn penis wrinkle
by Jesse Denning October 24, 2003
The wrinkly part of a penis, where nobody likes to touch. Also an insult
She irons penis wrinkles for a living.
by skank ass weasel May 02, 2003
George W. Bush

the equivolent to a "douchebag", "McAsshole", or "sonofabitch"
That stupid penis wrinkle is ruining our country
by Dick B. Harding September 16, 2006
Term to describe someone who is acting like a idiot.
"Bill, you Penis Wrinkle!" or
"Hey! Penis Wrinkle come here"
by Pitbull23 February 21, 2003
A deragatory name. Someone who is old and looks wrinkly like an old penis.
That old fart is a penis wrinkle.
Dammit Steve, don't be a penis wrinkle.
by ~TwiggY~ October 21, 2005
what you call a guy who looks like a penis wrinkle...usually comes with a pair of saggy nuts.
Hey Dustin Duncan, from King, NC you look like a penis wrinkle, you really should get that fixed.
by itsmethemuddduck! March 10, 2011
insignificant, less than a man, unimportant
You could get a job if you didn't act like a peniswrinkle.
by cheyenne dadahg July 01, 2005