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Any living thing with a mouth that munches on penis.
"Man Kelly sure is a penis muncher! Look at the way shes munching on Josh's dick!"
by kelsey :) August 19, 2008
a male or female that likes to have penis in their mouth very often
"at least I'm not a penis muncher!"
by curryapple November 19, 2011
someone who bites totally... penis to be exact... they enjoy chomping on penis
"Wow, he just spilled that drink on your dress? What a penismuncher"
by SoxBleed November 18, 2004
A person, usually a woman, who, while giving a blow job, bites on the penis of the male he/she is giving a blow job to
The blow job I got from her was great, except when she she bit on my penis, what a penismuncher.
by Jostin May 21, 2006
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