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The thought of a person or a thing that mentally crawls inside you and interferes in your day-to-day activities. It consumes your every thought and hinders your way of life. Much like the fish it was named after (the Candiru) which crawls inside you and lives inside, so do these thoughts.
George: What’s your problem?
Izzie: My problem…is you. You’re my penis fish.
George: Your what?
Izzie: You’ve crawled in and latched on, and now I can’t move, or talk, or think, or even pee without the necking feeling that something is eating through my organs!
by mung35 May 15, 2007
a fish with a 8 inch penis!!
i dont want a fish with a dick bigger then mine!

daddy i want a "penisfish"
by your moms sinky hole June 07, 2010
Someone who is all in your buisness and seemingly wants to get in your pants {to pleasure you or kiss ass} just like the actual penis fish in the Caribou
Tim(talking to buddy): "Dude watch this, John has been on my like a penis fish because I told him I might give him a promotion.(To John) My coffee is empty."
John:" Don't worry sir I noticed you were finshing it up 5 minutes ago and have already brewed you a new pot

Tina: "Hey Tim how's it going? I heard you just broke up with your girlfriend."
Tim: " Dont be such a penis fish I plan on staying single Tina, go be a slut somewhere else"
by Hermin23 August 12, 2010
A variety of fish usually found in the caribbean. They have a penchant for biting Penises.
I went to the Dominican Republic for vacation and I had to be very careful of the Penis Fish.
by Ironmike2018 May 09, 2006
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