When someones penis does not hang lower than there scrote (small dicked person) usually an ass and on the swimming and diving team, because they are somehow proud of their PADDED dick.
Travis has such a small penis it can't even be a pengus!
by GMHS April 25, 2010
Top Definition
noun, a penis that does not hang lower than the bottom of the scrotum. it is incredibly embarrising.
dude, Haydn just took a photo of his pengus and sent it to everyone.
by nosebleedsneeze August 06, 2007
A kids show about a penguin made of clay, who gets smacked around by his parents and beats the shit outa his friends by chucking showballs at their clay faces.
He commonly uses the phrase "Meep, meep"
"Pengu got into a snowball fight with the neighbourhood seals and he whooped their asses."
by Stu Bawden March 15, 2005
When someones penis does not hang lower than there scrote a (small dicked person)
tony blair has a pengus penis witch he like to tug
by jack w November 07, 2005
The condition in which a person walks like a penguin as a result of too much anal plundering.
Person1: Why is Joey walking funny?
Person2: I think he has the Pengu ever since that night with Nathan.
by H00chy mama January 08, 2008
A male who is short, and asks many pointless questions.
Kieth Gruhaz, Gary Coleman
by Alan Webb August 31, 2003
a saddd noob, e-thugging all over the internet with his e-hoes. Currently in a love triangle with eugene and goku nazz.
Yoseph you're such a pengu ffs!
by Joeyman January 08, 2008
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