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Noun: a Canadian that lies about living far enough south so that he can not be classified as an Eskimo, although all evidence suggests otherwise.

- usually the agitator is from the BC area.
Penguino is telling lies about having green trees and being able to leave the house without a parka again.

"Cuhnadian is a penguino."
by Bronzey Radioshackovich May 06, 2013
A penguin that I gave my gf
Fuckin penguino saw my gf naked before I did!
by Sexy Cuban148 January 23, 2007
A penguin that wears a sombrero and is often seen driving a Ford Fiesta. Also known as Senor Penguino. Found in the Mexican heartland, Albuquerque.
Here comes Senor Penguino, his sombrero barely fits in the Ford Fiesta.
by Senor Penguino June 25, 2012
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