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The period of time when you have been awake for way too long and you have gone past being tired to being wide awake. Suddenly, everything is hilarious.

The penguin hour is characterized by a degree of euphoria, high levels of energy, lowered inhibitions, and often a lack of coordination.

It is remarkably similar to certain levels of intoxication, but does not require any external chemical influences whatsoever.

Often followed rapidly by a crash or a slonk.

Verb: to hit the penguin hour.
B: *falls over laughing uncontrollably*
A: *also falls over giggling*
C: Guys...what the hell?
A: Dude, we've been up since 7AM yesterday and we totally just hit the penguin hour.
B: *spinning in circles before falling down on the bed* WHEEEEEEE~!
by Nebet April 19, 2011

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