someone that is like over peng and that people look at when he/she walks past and like glare at his pengness
savvas: walking past

charlotte: omg look over there he is sooooo peng

lilly: no charlotte he's pengaleng
by jarome garby October 12, 2008
Top Definition
basically 'peng a leng' means 'over buff', 'trimendous', 'really sexy', 'fucking fit' or however you say it!
that boy/girl is looking peng a leng!
by _sexy_gyal_4_life_ November 15, 2005
Term To Describe Sum1 Who Is OVER-BUFF...
Girl 1: "Dat Breh Is A Peng-A-Leng"
Girl 2: "Yea Ur Rite He Is So Good lookin'"
by Lil Frenchie April 11, 2006
exaduration of "peng" to mean buff, Pretty, Attractive or to describe how good the quality of some weed is.
origonated in Nottingham
"that girl was peng!" "she was so peng she was pengaleng"
"this weed is pengaleng!!"
by Mattyk2k7 October 24, 2007
This word is used to describe someone who is amazingly good looking, however they are more than just Peng (good looking) they have something extra, this is expressed in the "Leng" this something special could mean, they are also smart,clever with added charisma,charm and sex appeal. Leng would usually refer to all these qualties.

This is a term that can also be used to refer to two overly good looking close friends or sisters/brothers.

Boy one: do you think them girls charlotte and lilly are fit?

Boy two: quite peng! but that girl Katie is a Pengaleng mate

boy one: who else do you think is a pengaleng then ??

Boy two: i would say thoses sisters nics and lou, boi they are so PENGALENG!!
by Big Jarome February 10, 2009
When someone looks extremely good.
Woh that girl Helena looks pengaleng !
by Asharr April 19, 2011
A sexy female with a juicy body and a pretty face.
"I was in JD Sports shopping for new garms, then this pengaleng asked if I needed help.
I wanted to move to her on the spot."

"You should have still..."
by Mr. Tetris November 29, 2014
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