The urgent need to urinate.
After 5 hours in the car and a super big gulp, I was having a peemergency.
by JavaJaneOhio November 30, 2010
Top Definition

To have a strong desire to urinate while lacking the proper setting in which to relieve yourself.

To want to pee but not have a bathroom around. Sometimes accompanied by a pee pee dance and your friends talking about Niagara Falls and water related topics.
Guy in back seat of car: Dude seriously, my teeth are floating i've got to piss like a racehorse! Pull over or I'm going to whiz (akawizz) myself in the back of your ride and give your upholstery a golden shower. I've got a serious peemergency!

Driver: Sorry bro, we don't have a planned bathroom break for exactly 68 minutes. There are some bottles back there so make a urine bomb. I can't stop I've got to make highway time to our destination.
by January 13, 2008
it's when you have to pee...and it's an emergency. duh
i experienced a peemergency when the cold air hit me as i walked to my car from the stadium which gripped my kidneys like a vice
by Genghis Jahn February 11, 2010
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