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1. Commonly used to describe those who look pallid, sick, ill, nauseous particularly after a night of pub crawling or roller-coaster riding.

2. Colloquial term which refers too a person who plays too many computer games, often surrounding the notion of war or wizardry and may also have obscure habits for example snow
globe collecting.
1. Norman : You're looking rather peeky dear
Margaret: Really dear? Must be the bottle and half of wine I downed last night dear. Spit spot.

2. Lauren: Look at that ginger lad in the grey cardigan playing with his magic wizard cards. What a peeky!
by MasterStephanie July 10, 2008
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thin or skinny, but not excessively so.
when a person's body is in shape and looking just right looking
SEE ripped
Betsy's fat maid said she was looking "a little peeky, maybe." She then decided to fatten her up with cake, but models don't eat CAKE!!!
by fireball87o March 17, 2006
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