When the penis slips out of the middle hole in a pair of underwear boxers, either on purpose or accident; most likely when erect or after masturbation
1. When I got tissue after I drained my sack, I put my boxers on and my penis pulled a peek-a-boo.

2. I pulled my boxers on after I took a shit and my penis decided to play peek-a-boo.
by MaverikWillBite July 20, 2010
Top Definition
To surprise someone.
Example: Peekaboo, I'm not a virgin anymore! :D
by Mysterious August 02, 2004
While having doggy-style sex in a dark room, you switch with a friend without her knowing and then exit room and wave to her from her window
Peek-a-Boo i see you
by pbking May 01, 2009
when u need to take a crap and it goes out and in of ur a-hole
pull the car over my shit's playin peek a boo with me again
by killa fred September 19, 2007
An uncircumcised man. An un-erect penis thats hidden in its foreskin.
Girl he got a peek-a-boo!
by leah2315 January 07, 2014
When you are almost done crapping but there is a small, dense turd left stuck halfway out of your rectum. As you push, it slides in and out but never fully detaches, making a "peekaboo" motion.
Damn. I wish I had some paper towels, this toilet paper will NOT handle this Peekaboo.
by All knowing Flashlight August 03, 2011
When you ride a lady doggy-style, pull out and spit on her back (to make it seem like ejaculation) then when she turns around and smiles, spray her in the face wis da peen.
It was funny to see the look on her face when I peek-a-booed her.
by Pete the viking February 09, 2004
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