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When going to use the restroom in a public facility, looking in different stalls (peek) to make sure that the previous occupant has flushed the toilet (boo).
I hate having to play peek-a-boo everytime I have to take a leak at school
by emmsers13 September 11, 2007
To surprise someone.
Example: Peekaboo, I'm not a virgin anymore! :D
by Mysterious August 02, 2004
While having doggy-style sex in a dark room, you switch with a friend without her knowing and then exit room and wave to her from her window
Peek-a-Boo i see you
by pbking May 01, 2009
when u need to take a crap and it goes out and in of ur a-hole
pull the car over my shit's playin peek a boo with me again
by killa fred September 19, 2007
An uncircumcised man. An un-erect penis thats hidden in its foreskin.
Girl he got a peek-a-boo!
by leah2315 January 07, 2014
When the penis slips out of the middle hole in a pair of underwear boxers, either on purpose or accident; most likely when erect or after masturbation
1. When I got tissue after I drained my sack, I put my boxers on and my penis pulled a peek-a-boo.

2. I pulled my boxers on after I took a shit and my penis decided to play peek-a-boo.
by MaverikWillBite July 20, 2010
When you are almost done crapping but there is a small, dense turd left stuck halfway out of your rectum. As you push, it slides in and out but never fully detaches, making a "peekaboo" motion.
Damn. I wish I had some paper towels, this toilet paper will NOT handle this Peekaboo.
by All knowing Flashlight August 03, 2011
A tiny vagina on a woman that has no visible lips. It appears to be a just a small slit and is often difficult to see. Hence the term "peek a boo where are you?"
Mary had the smallest peek a boo I've ever seen. It was so small I had to feel for it because it was difficult to see with the naked eye.
by Flojos December 30, 2009