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a vegan's vagina
Did you see the peedle on that stripper? She isn't getting enough protein.
by beetlepagz December 30, 2009
A womans piss flaps(Labia)
I was wearing my bodysuit and the studs unsnapped and twisted itself around my peedles.........It hurt more than a man catching his foreskin his zipper
by Miss Peedle June 22, 2007
A White and brown spotted animal .
I just got a brand new peedle from the pet store!

I saw a peedle goat at the county fair.
by Karl Jackson Cook September 18, 2008
the joining area between two awkward places
the part on a pizza between the crust and the sauce, the plain bread-ish part is the peedle on a pizza.
by peedledotfresco April 29, 2009
Derogatory word for a used car, used by auto mechanics.
That peedle's brakes are steel to steel.
by David Pyland July 23, 2006
just a couple of droplets of pee
look ! over there.. on the floor its some peedle
by jxts2hy February 12, 2005