A sarcastic and self-involved person; mean-spirited and insecure, competative but with limited intellectual capacity.
I know this girl who is a real peebomb.
by Summer January 27, 2004
Top Definition
A urine-filled plastic container, such as a milk jug, used by truckers to avoid stopping to use a proper toilet. Generally, slung out the truck window along the side of the highway, and frequently hit by maintenance crews mowing the right-of-way. Also known as a "Truckerbomb"
1. "I sure hope those truckers are keeping one eye on the highway as they are topping-off their peebombs"; and

2. "There are a lot of women truck driver's these days…….I wonder how they can fill peebombs while driving those big rigs"

3. "After learning about peebombs, never again am I going to drink any lemonade I find on the side of the highway."
by MarkC July 21, 2005
Peeing in big waves
*falls on the floor being pushed back by his piss* "PEE BOMB!"
hence pee bombs
by BillyJeansCar January 19, 2012
Pronunciation: pee'bäm
Function: noun
Etymology: French bombe, from Italian bomba, probably from Latin bombus deep hollow sound, from Greek bombos, of imitative origin
1 a : an explosive woman fused to detonate under specified conditions
Listen, talker of smack. Step to this and I will whip the peebomb out on your ass.
by DexCee January 27, 2004
To follow unsuspecting people around dancing in a goofy yet hip way.
You better watch out here comes another peebomb.
by peebomb January 26, 2004
verb. to comedy dance
did you see that girl last night peebombing ?
by Giles January 26, 2004
The act of urinating it a disposable container, ie: gatoraid bottle, while driving and discarding said bottle out the window of a moving vehichle.
I am really late because of this traffic, hand me that gatoraid bottle so i can take a piss. Hey, look, a hichiker. I bet I can hit him with this pee bomb!
by Big Daddy Ian November 06, 2005
1.A bomblike explosion of positive energy and love.

2.An excessive amount of a positive vibe.

3. Steph. One of the raddest gals around.
Dude, check out Peebomb on the dancefloor.
by DeevaJay January 27, 2004
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