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vagina (usually derogotary)
Up yer klunge !
by Giles September 23, 2003
Face (its ryming slang)
Nice legs - shame about the boat
by Giles September 23, 2003
vagina (like beef curtain)
She's had a Brazilian so you can see her meat drapes
by Giles September 23, 2003
Small shit-ule which adheres to the ringpiece despite attempts at wipeage
We ran out of bog paper and my bumcleft is klagnut central
by Giles September 23, 2003
Gpwp is an acronym meaning Good point well put
John: Ah, but did you consider fact number beta alpha?

Fred: Beta Alpha is not a number.

John: GPWP
by Giles November 24, 2004
got rice bitch? got rice?
hey ryofire, suck my dick!
by giles August 09, 2003
verb. to comedy dance
did you see that girl last night peebombing ?
by Giles January 26, 2004

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