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The twitchy, gyrating, fidgetty, and impatient behavior that people have when they are (1) really excited about something and can't wait to tell you or (2) have an overly full bladder and are about to explode while waiting to pee.
"Mark was so excited about his news that he did the pee pee dance until we let him interrupt our discussion."

"Porky drank 3 Big Gulps and then did the pee pee dance for 5 minutes while he waited for the restroom to become available."
by Popehat May 25, 2006
The dance which EVERYONE does when they have to urinate.
She did the pee pee dance as she waited to undo her tight leather chaps.
by Ferro July 04, 2004
A dance you do when you gotta go pee-pee really bad!
Pee-pee dance!

Crossing your legs and wiggleing up and down!

Crossing your legs and bouncing up and down!

Putting your legs and feet together and bouncing up and down!
by Mooveerich May 05, 2008
a dance executed when one has to go pee
"dude, what are you doing?"

"Oh, its just the lastest thing, its called the pee pee dance"
by band cutie February 24, 2009
1. A dance buttfuckers do when they are too stoo ped to go to the bathroom on their own. 2. A gnome-like dwarf who tries to be funny, but really isn't. 3. An anal dwelling dwarf that causes itching, swelling, pustoles, sores, and anal warts to anyone who shakes her hand.
That bitch is a Pee Pee Dance!
by mergie21 April 16, 2005

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