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a person of low importance

someone to continueosly make fun of

someone who does eveything for everyone else
shelby was the pee on for her many friends
by john albert franklin September 01, 2008
A person who is of such low status in society that it is socially acceptable for another person of higher status to pee on them.
That drug dealer, Eddy, is a real peeon.
by tbegota May 03, 2010
A person of low importance in a corporation or workplace. Someone who does menial tasks such as getting coffee, picking up lunch, scheduling appointments and purchasing gifts for the boss's wife for anniversaries and birthdays.
Pee on day is celebrated by Administrative professionals, secretaries, assistants, helpers etc...
by Miles Murakoshi April 23, 2008
A noob at math that is most likely in Pre-Algebra in 8th grade.
Someone who struggles at math. Someone so stupid that even a noob could beat them at Call of Duty. Someone who sucks at everything they attempt to do.
Dude, don't be a Pee-on get an A on the test.

Wow you are such a pee-on at Call of Duty, you were camping and you still got killed.
by MATHPWNER69 October 21, 2009
Someone who makes less than everybody at a job and has to run all the errands.
"Look at Shelly the secretary she is such a peeon"
by Nicole Little January 18, 2007
a person or thing one would like to pee on.
hey thalia, look at that girl named carolyn isn't she a peeon.
by john diangelo January 27, 2010
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