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A small dot of pee on a males boxers/underwear caused from having to go pee or pulling it in too quickly after going pee.
I got a pee dot, after pulling my thing back in too fast, but luckily it's not as bad as me peeing my self.
by jake-up December 01, 2005
Peedot-noun; a spot on a man's underwear, or pants that happens when he doesn't completely shake off the urine from his ding dong.
Verb; the act of leaning a peedot.
"Did you see Phil at the party? He came out of the crapper with a big ole peedot on his shorts!"
Last night, I was getting ready to get in bed with my girl. I took my pants off and saw I peedotted my drawers!
by two fisted monkey spank September 08, 2010
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