A synthesis of the words 'pedophile' and 'uncle'.

Used to define that creepy uncle you have who isn't really your uncle at all. He usually is an old friend of your father's, has a mustache straight out of a porno, and drives an old white van with no windows (a common variation is a van originally equipped with windows, which have now been spray-painted over).
My peduncle is always rambling on about free candy and puppies

Dude, I think I just saw my peduncle on the news.
Yeah, he's wanted for gross sexual imposition.
by UlyssesSGrantIsUpInThis May 17, 2011
When a mans penis gets chopped off in a pencil sharpener
Stephen, Being on crack, gave himself a Pe Duncle while writing a essay
by TheWhippedCream March 31, 2004
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