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A thin layer of hair, lacking the regality of a full blown mustache, atop the upper lip. Commonly found on individuals with Tony Danza-esque minivans and lots of candy.
Hey, check out the pedostache on that guy. Hey, where'd little Timmy go...
by J. Agnew June 12, 2006
156 44
The moustache often seen on pedophiles. Appears as a dangerously thin, greasy moustache, often complimented by the aviator glasses and the pedosmile.

Pedophiles can be spotted through the useful guide provided by Maddox. /c.cgi?u=spot_the_pedo
"Francis, that pedostache isn't gonna help much...well, the fact that she's in middle school doesn't help much either."
by Tim Tim the Crazy Man August 03, 2006
46 19
-The kindly word for an unnatractive peice of crap excuse for hair that may sit atop the lip of a man (or woman) and give them a certain look, that often makes one think of a pedophile.

-A moustache that makes somebody look seriously pedophillic.
"Eww...That creepy badminton teacher keep staring at me at club practice!"

"Yeah, he probably loves you. I mean, he has a pedostache."


"So, im thinking about growing a moustache love."

"So long as it's not a pedostache I don't care.
by Enchini<3 July 06, 2011
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