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Someone who sucks the essence of small children. Not intended to sound as dirty as it sounds.

Someone whose presence is so disturbing that it makes babies die.
The school's only male p.e. teacher walked in the room and all of his students started having a collective epilepsy. What a pedo-leech.
#leech #teachers #pedophile #chris hansen #death
by carlaandchloe August 26, 2007
An adult who is sexually attracted to a minor(pedophile) clinging to their victim and sucking or gnawing on their head.
SoubixRisika from "Loveless" or AxelxRoxas from "KingdomHearts II"

Axel and Soubi are both Pedo-leeches
#pedophile #pedo #leech #lolita #stalker
by Kage no Neko October 17, 2008
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