An abrieviation for the word paedophile. An adult or adolescent who is sexually attracted to prepubescent children.
Person A is an adult and has sexual fantasies about children. He is a pedo.
by Tegeth August 28, 2006
a creepy person who usually goes for people WAY younger than them..
Omg Keza is such a Pedo ;)
by Keza's Bestie March 27, 2012
A pedofile, or just plain creepy person
"Did you see that guy watching the kids?"
"Yeah. He is such a pedo. I don't even wanna talk about it."
by Warhola May 30, 2008
weirdo who is sexually attracted to children.usually go for younger children. is that old guy doin by the play ground?
GUY#2: dunno, maby he's a pedo
by ЅЗΤ.....® August 09, 2008
Some younger people use the word pedo as a slang/joke. Used when someone looks at photos of them allot, talks about them allot etc. even if older.
Your always on her Facebook page, your a pedo.
by TheRealDeal01 March 26, 2011
Guy - hey who fucked the 6 yr old Aisha??

muslim - Muhammad (pedo be upon him)
{goes on to behead the guy and then blows himself up}
by vindic April 27, 2010
A man who is aroused by females (much) younger than him.
Usually a man who like women half his age, but not true for older men, or any male older than 18 who likes girls 13-16 (although 18 year old liking 13 is kinda creepy)
My geometry teacher was totally looking at her boobs! What a pedo!
by headtowall June 07, 2009
When you're sexually attracted to little kids. It's a sickness and if you have this disease get help quick. You can end up in jail if you don't.
I'll be in jail for being a pedo if I don't get help.
by SalvatoreVitale July 10, 2008
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