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pedo, Pedofilename (-1.297)
a pedofile like's Kids, Under 7 year's old & Nothing Older

Due to a Media Circus Phsycosis everyone is Considerded to be a Pedofile if she is Under 16 What happened to The Little Kid Days? Now They Got Big Breast's from growth Hormones in food and we Can't Be Attracted to Them?
an Act of Brain Washing and Minipulation So There's no more young Sex in the World to Force People Not to be Attracted to younger Girl's However this ill Just make thing's Worse People Being locked Up & made Sex Offenders When they Do not Belong as One
(Let's all Do What's natural Fuck an illeagle Girl Fill Up the jail's What Can They Do When They Find Out 80% of The World Like's younger Chick's Doesn't Care about Age let love Be Free Legalized it & Go back to Punishing HomoSexual's instead of somthing Normal and Natural to human life like Girl + Guy
a pedo, Pedofile like's Kids, Under 7 year's old & Nothing Older.
by Essence Of Truth September 13, 2007
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